Why go Raw?

Why go Raw?

The raw food diet is becoming very popular these days. It
is obvious what the raw food diet is. Most of the food that you eat on a raw
food diet needs to be raw or as close to its natural state as possible.

Now don’t go getting all squeamish on me. We’re not talking
about eating raw meat here. The raw food diet is a largely vegan diet. There is
also some room for maneuver in the raw food diet too as the people who support
it say that to get the maximum health benefits from the raw food diet you only
have to make sure that approximately eight per cent of what you eat needs to be

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People who support the raw food diet as a healthy lifestyle
argue that foods on their natural state contain the optimum balance of enzymes,
vitamins and minerals that we need. They argue that the enzymes contained in
raw food and which are killed off by cooking, will help people to digest their
food more fully and so derive more nutritional value from it. That places less
stress on the body to produce its own digestive enzymes.

Raw food supporters also believe that the cooking we
normally do to our food destroys their natural vitamins and minerals and that
food takes longer to digest in this cooked, unnatural state. The cooked food
therefore hangs around longer in the gut while the body attempts to digest it.
The proteins, carbohydrates and fats which have not been fully digested
therefore become waste products. These waste products slow down the food’s
transit through the gut, causing constipation, bloating, stomach cancer etc,
while the fats tend to clog up the arteries. A raw food diet, which is higher
in fiber too, pushes the food more quickly through the gut and there are fewer
waste by-products which are left around to cause problems to the body.

Basically, a raw food diet makes your whole digestion
process a lot more efficient. It delivers more of the essential vitamins and
nutrients which our bodies need and leaves behind fewer waste products which
can become harmful to our bodies.

The health benefits of the raw food diet include an
increase in energy as your body is maximizing the amount of nutrients it
actually gets where it needs it; plus the body has to work less hard in order
to process the raw food.

You should find that your skin looks more clear on the raw
food diet. That is because your body is taking in fewer toxins which would
cause skin eruptions. The raw food diet is a good detox!

Your digestive system will work more efficiently on the raw
food diet. Food will pass through the gut more quickly and waste will be
expelled regularly. That is great for avoiding health problems like IBS and
stomach cancer.

You may also find that you lose weight and manage your
weight more effectively on the raw food diet. It is lower in fat that most
people’s eating habits. There is less fat hung around in the body to clog up
arteries and pile on the pounds. That in turn reduces your risk of contracting
heart disease.

All in all, then, you can see that eating a diet that is comprised of at least eighty per cent raw fruit and vegetable sis great for your health. You will lessen your risk of serious diseases and generally look and feel better while you follow the raw food diet.


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