6 Effective Treatments for Discolored Skin

6 Effective Treatments for Discolored Skin

Discoloring of the skin might be a problem for many! The reasons for the discoloring might range from hormonal changes to burns and fungal infections.

Firefighting them might become way too difficult if you are not very well aware of the remedies.

Having the right medication and guidance is important while treating discolored skin.

One thing we would like to clear is not to panic, while you are getting treated for discoloration of the skin.

It might come as a psychological pain often, to see the white patches on the skin, but keep faith and trust in yourself!

This article explores the main reasons for skin discoloration and touches on the six important treatments for the same.

Causes for the discoloration of the skin

Discoloration of the skin might be attributed to overexposure to the radiation. Often, radiation therapies lead to the pigments of the skin getting dead.

Sunburn over the superficial skin of the body often causes dryness, itchiness and leads to peeling off of the skin. Even the burns caused due to the medical emergency have a very harsh impact on the skin, as such the skin loses its pigment. 

For medical situations like dermatitis or chronic disorders, loss of skin pigment is also common, thus, it gets important to get yourself checked by a dermatologist as well. 

Treatments for discolored skin

Discolored skin treatments can be a bit time taking. You might need patience and might need to do it consistently. Let us explore the treatments:

1. Applying OTC Creams:

The application of OTC creams can help in covering the patch of the skin. Moreover, it ensures that the skin gets moisturized, thus it remains healthy for a longer time. 

2. Lemon juice:

Using the lemon juice on the areas where the skin has discolored might be pretty helpful. Lemon juice helps in getting the skin color back to normal when applied for 2 months on a consistent basis. The acid present in the lemon juice help in neutralizing and enhancing the skin’s health

3. Castor oil:

Applying castor oil over the skin can be the best remedy to reduce the melanin over the body. When applied twice a day or using the oiled bandage over the skin, improved results have been visible. 

4. Vitamin C:

Make vitamin C your best friend. Eat foods rich in vitamin C more often as it helps in making the skin stay revitalized as well. Foods like oranges and cantaloupe are the best sources of vitamin C

5. Drink the right tea:

Burdock and red clover tea are just the perfect way to not only get your skin healthy but improve your digestion as well. It has also reported an improvement in the texture of the hair, thus making it even more beneficial. 

6. Peels:

Peels which are rich in salicylic acid are often considered to enrich the skin’s color. They have been a proven solution over years, thus, if you don’t mind using some chemicals, give it a try.

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