Tips to Use Sugar Hair Removal Technique

Tips to Use Sugar Hair Removal Technique

Looking for the easiest way to remove the hair from your arms? Well, if you are tired of the painful waxing or can’t shell out many bucks for the laser treatment, it is time you give it a try.

As the name says, sugaring is nothing but the application of sugar to get rid of unwanted hair from the body. What makes it better is the reduction of pain and discomfort when it comes to sugaring.

History of Sugaring

Sugaring, as practiced in Greece and Egypt, has found its relevance from prehistoric times. A mixture of sugar, lemon, and water is applied to the hair, which sticks only to the hair, but not to the skin.

It sticks just enough to remove the hair, and not the skin. It works on the root of the hair, instead of the nearby skin. Hence, it results in lesser discomfort and pain to the hair follicles.

Making sugaring easier also means treating your skin, such that sugaring becomes simpler. Some of the important tips and tricks need to be followed, which enhance the comfort while sugaring.

Tips and tricks for Sugaring

Having clean and dry skin:

While going for sugaring, it is important to have clean and dry skin. Sugaring doesn’t function efficiently if you have moist skin. Having moist skin makes the sugar mixed with water, thus reduces the chances of removal of hair. Moreover, it also increases the pain while removing the hair, thus clean and dry skin is perfect for sugaring.

Sugaring in a cool ambiance:

You really don’t want to sweat while sugaring. Why? It is important that you don’t have the sweat moisten your skin. Instead, have a cool dry place as it enhances the efficiency of sugaring. Moreover, it will also help the hair to be removed without disturbing the nearby skin, thus staying in a cool dry place is a must. It works best when sugaring is done at room temperature, as it gets the right ambiance to rest on the hairs.

Avoid heating of the sugar:

It is important to understand that sugar melts as it touches the skin. Our skin emanates heat, due to the exothermic reaction. As a result, this heat melts the sugar as it touches the skin, thus making it easier for the hair to be removed. Though, we suggest mildly heat sugar, while sugaring the areas like the face, which are highly sensitive. Simply microwave the sugar for approximately 7 seconds to have excellent results.

Say no to applying pressure:

Applying pressure on the sugar might result in the sugar being too soggy. Prevent it from happening. But, if you have applied it by mistake, we suggest you not worry, since the sugar can be removed by using warm water

Learning the wrapping method:

If you have very strong hair near the chin area, it is better to sugar it by wrapping around the hair consistently. By increasing the concentration of sugar around the hair, just give it a strong pull. And, you can be free from the hair over your chin.

Bottom line:

Having the right guidance while using the sugar can help you in getting smooth skin without the pain of waxing. Keep hydrating your skin even more, with the moisturizing sugar scrubs, that give your skin a healthy glow.

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