Learn to live a normal life with diabetes with these 8 tips

Learn to live a normal life with diabetes with these 8 tips

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Living with diabetes may sound very hard at first, and it can be a sudden change in your life if you don’t treat it properly. In this article, you will know the best tips to change your lifestyle gradually, to be able to live with your diabetes without affecting you drastically. Do you want to discover them? Do not miss it! Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

I have been diagnosed with diabetes. And now that?

Maybe when you know you have diabetes, you feel out of place and confused. It is a normal reaction since it is a new situation that you will have to face from now on. However, it is possible to live with her, and treating her in the most natural way possible will help you live your day to day life normally.

To cope with your diabetes daily, you should make some slight changes in your lifestyle. Do not take it as an obligation, because the change will be harder. You should simply conceive it as another stage in your life. Remember that it is you who must control your diabetes, and not her. If you let it control you, you may develop discomfort and anxiety, and this will only make your condition worse. So you should take it easy, and assume that these changes will be positive for you, in order to lead a normal life.

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Below you will find a series of tips to help you change your lifestyle little by little, to help you control your diabetes. Remember that changes should be made gradually so that they are not so abrupt as to overwhelm you. It will also be important to set short-term attainable goals. Demanding yourself too much in a short time will also cause you stress and anxiety. Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

1. Lower those Kilos of More

The first change you will have to make in your lifestyle is a change in diet. The accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the body can negatively influence the accumulation of glucose in the blood, so it will be advisable to lose weight if you are overweight and obese.

Remember that the more fatty tissue your body has, the harder it will be for him to create and use insulin properly, so every kilo you lose will be beneficial to control your blood glucose levels.

It will be important that you set yourself achievable goals in the short term, since losing weight too quickly is not only unhealthy, but usually not usually effective, and finally, you end up recovering the lost weight, as we mentioned in this article.

Ask your doctor which foods are most recommended and which ones you should avoid, but the list of prohibited foods will include:

  • Sugar: Logically, sugar or any food that contains it will be prohibited, such as sweets, jams, artificial juices, chocolate or honey. There are many substitutes for sugar that you can take, such as stevia or agave syrup.
  • Fritters: Fried foods become blood sugar when they pass into our body, and also increase cholesterol. Instead of frying them, try to cook grilled, baked, steamed or cooked food. They will be much healthier, not only for diabetic people but for everyone in general.
  • Fats: Fats increase not only blood sugar levels but also bad cholesterol. So, avoid meats that are not lean and sausages, and limit the weekly egg yolks.
  • Refined flour: Refined flour can also be very harmful to your glucose levels. They are present in white bread, pizza dough, pasta, biscuits, and cookies. You can replace it with whole wheat flour.
  • Salt: Salt and its derivatives are also not recommended for blood sugar levels, so it will be important to limit table salt, dried fruits, prepared sauces and dressings, and salty snacks.
  • Whole dairy: Whole milk and its derivatives are rich in fats and sugars, so it will be necessary to avoid them. Among them, we find whole milk, butter, and margarine, cheeses, yogurt, cream, and cream. Instead, you can take skim or light dairy.Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

2. Increase your Activity

Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

Exercise not only helps you lose weight but also helps reduce blood sugar levels and improves insulin response. You can combine aerobic exercises with resistance exercises, to burn fat and tone your body at the same time.

As I said before, it will be important that you set objectives that are attainable in the short term, and that you start gradually, increasing the time and effort you dedicate to the exercise gradually. Remember that each person has their own rhythm; Do not force your body.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco consumption can cause inflammation in certain organs, such as the pancreas, which will adversely affect the regulation of blood sugar levels. Therefore, it will be important to avoid drinking alcohol and completely restrict tobacco use.

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4. Take More Fiber

Taking a good amount of fiber daily will help you balance blood sugar levels. So it will be beneficial to take high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumesnuts or seeds. You can also take cereals and brown rice, and substitute normal pasta with whole wheat pasta.

5. Don’t Think, Act

Especially at the beginning, it is possible that when you detect a rise or fall of sugar, you give many turns to the “why”, that is, you start to analyze everything you have done or have stopped doing, looking for a reason for this rise or fall.

However, what you should focus on is acting, and not wasting your time worrying about what caused it, since many times there doesn’t have to be a logical reason, it just happens. So leave your worries aside, and act quickly to bring your glucose to normal levels, especially if your blood sugar level falls below 70 mg/dl.Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

6. Control Mood Changes

Diabetes is a disease that alters your body, so your mood will also be affected. Many people manifest sudden mood swings, states of anxiety or depression, irritability and aggressiveness, and even bipolarity.

Therefore, you will need to control your mood and try to relax and de-stress. It will also be important that you consider going to a specialist if you see that you cannot control your mood swings, or if you feel that you cannot overcome your anxiety or depression.Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

7. Surround yourself with Good Companies

Getting used to living with diabetes can be a hard process, and it is something that requires a process of acceptance and adaptation. Many times we lock ourselves in when we have to face a change like this, and that’s when problems like the ones I mentioned before appear, such as anxiety, depression or irritability.

That is why it is important that you do not lock yourself and surround yourself with the people who love you. Diabetes is not a problem that you should suffer in silence. Talk to your family and friends, let off steam and let yourself be helped. Feeling loved and supported will help you get used to changes more quickly, and adopt a more positive attitude.

8. Change Attitude

As a last chance, I will propose the most important change of all: a change of attitude. You may feel overwhelmed by having to assume a change in your lifestyle to cope with diabetes, but remember that seeing everything negatively will only worsen your condition.

You must be motivated to change, think positively and, above all, be clear that you will be the one who controls diabetes and not vice versa. Only then, with this attitude, you will be able to succeed and be able to live this new stage of your life in a normal way. Remember that if you want, you can.

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Live with your Diabetes!

As you have seen, changes in your lifestyle are necessary when you are diagnosed with diabetes, but that does not mean that it will change for the worse. Remember that living with your disease does not have to control your life, but only be part of it. So turn your attitude around, introduce changes gradually and gradually, and don’t let diabetes stop you.Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

Do you have diabetes or do you know someone close to you? Do you want to tell us any more advice to live with her? We listen to you!

Learn to live a normal life with diabetes,Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

Learn to live a normal life with diabetes

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