You Can Now Buy Speakers For Your Vagina

You Can Now Buy Speakers For Your Vagina

It’s like the ultimate lovechild of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Apple AirPods: an inter-vaginal speaker designed to blast your unborn child with music.

For $150, you can purchase your very own “Babypod”, a small speaker that can be plugged into any music-playing device of your choice and inserted into the vagina to gently play your favorite tunes into the womb. It also features earphones that hang out of the vagina so mothers and fathers can listen along too. Recommended artists include Sonic Youth, Childish Gambino, and any other artist name you can squeeze a baby pun out of.

“Music [activates] language and communication stimulation centres, inducing a response of vocal movements. Babies learn to talk sticking out their tongues,” the Spanish company claims in a website blurb.

“With Babypod, babies begin to vocalize from the womb.”

It’s a popular belief that a fetus can benefit from listening to music while they’re developing in the womb. Most people achieve this playing some nice classical music on the radio while they’re pregnant, but Babypod claims that’s not enough. They cite research by Institut Marquès, a Spanish gynecological clinic, that claims “the foetus hears only the sounds that come directly from the vagina and barely hears the noises from the outside.”




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