Natural Cure for Interstitial Cystitis

Natural Cure for Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis can be one of the most painful diseases to have. With more than 12 million people in the US being affected by interstitial cystitis, its pain can be from moderate to severe. 

The pain can often spread to the entire lower abdomen, often leading to urinary disorders as well. Often, it is misunderstood to be an UTI, instead it is more of the issue related to the inner lining of the bladder. 

The pelvic pain can often lead to the lower parts of the body. Symptoms include the chronic pain and the urgency to urinate which can often lead to issues with locomotion. 

Signs and Symptoms

Though most of the symptoms can be underlying, yet the major symptom could be the burning irritation and pain. It is followed by the consistent urge of urinating, which might not result in volumes. 

Though, the symptoms seem to vary a lot from one person to another. 

Yet, certain activities can end up in showing up few of the symptoms repeatedly. Activities like:

  • Sitting idle for a long time
  • Menstrual cycle for women
  • Coitus or Sexual irregularities
  • Stress
  • Over exercising and physical work

Tend to increase the potential symptoms over time. 

To battle with the diseases, the symptoms need to be controlled. It can be achieved by a proper shift in the lifestyle to a healthy one.

Moreover, the home remedies seem to have the lasting effect on the health of the person.  

Home remedies for IC:

 Natural remedies come along with the benefit of not being harmful and being everlasting. What makes them unique, is the ease with which they can be implemented. 

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is alkaline in nature, which aims at reducing the acidity within the body. Not only does it reduce the scope of UTIs, it also reduces the burning sensation within the bladder. It has previously been researched that this remedy has helped multiple patients suffering from IC, which makes it the first choice of  home remedy.

Stay relaxed and kick stress out:

Instead of worrying too much about what the future holds, it might work out to simply stay relaxed and not worry about anything. Higher stress levels often release cortisol, which might cause inflammation in the body. This might often increase the discomfort and so is stress bad for your health

Taking supplements:

Supplements might just be the right way to heal and relax your bladder. Supplements like calcium glycerol phosphate might help your bladder to relax, as well as lower the acidity. Building up the mucous layer might be the key to healing. And, this is where aloe vera might just be the perfect solution. 


Seeking help from a medical professional might not be great, but seeking acupuncture will help since it treats the root of the problem. It has shown proven results in reducing discomfort as well. Bladder pain syndromes have shown reduction, thus making life a lot easier.

Bottom line: Life and lifestyle changes are important while dealing with chronic health issues. Thus, to cope up with them, it is always right to have a routine check-up done and seek medical help as needed.

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