How to Get Thicker Eyebrows Naturally

How to Get Thicker Eyebrows Naturally

Have you ever photoshopped your picture where you removed your eyebrows? Did it look too attractive? Did you feel the change in your face?

If not yet, try posting this picture of yours over Instagram and just check your Instagram handle blast with reactions!

This is why eyebrows can be just the most important part of the face, yet the most neglected. 

Not many go forward to take care of their eyebrows. Yet, having thick eyebrows can just be the most awesome and attractive thing on your face. 

So, are you looking forward to making your eyebrows thicker this summer? Well, you might try out some of the coolest home-made ways to get the eyebrows thicker!

Castor oil:

Rich in antioxidants, proteins, and fatty acids, castor oil is the best method to increase the rate of hair growth. The hair growth rate can be attributed to the high protein that improves hair growth. Eventually, we must say that it needs to be applied on a regular basis for considerable results.

A patch test is often needed, before applying castor oil. It might help you to know if it is safe for you to use it since it can cause irritation. 

Coconut oil:

A major component of coconut oil is the fatty acid that binds with the protein and prevents it from breaking. Being an excellent moisturizer, and the lauric acid in it makes it a nice antimicrobial agent as well.

If you are looking for healthy eyebrows, thicker than expected, the vitamins in coconut oil make it the right choice. All you need is to dip cotton into the coconut oil and smoothen it over your eyebrows. Enjoy the amazing thick eyebrows within days!

Olive Oil:

With Vitamin A and E being the major nutrient of Olive Oil, it helps in improving the health of the hair. The sebum, which is an important component of the hair, is looked after by the Olive oil. Vitamin E nourishes the hair, which makes them shine and grow sooner as well.

All you need to do is use it once a day for 15 days to find some excellent results!

Onion Oil:

Well, we might not assure you of the smell of the onions, but the onion oil does contain a large quantity of sulfur. With sulfur accelerating the growth of the hair of eyebrows and improving the strength of the eyebrows, they are just the perfect alternative.

Strain the onion paste to get the onion juice out of the paste. Use the paste on top of your eyelashes and repeat it for a week to enjoy excellent results!

Egg Yolk:

Keratin is a major component of the human hair. With egg yolks being the richest source of protein, you must now be amazed to find egg yolk in this list. They are also a rich source of biotin. Make sure to use it twice a week to get a glowing eyebrow, thicker and healthier hair!

Bottom line:

Taking proper care of your eyebrows can be hectic if you are not systematic about it. Follow a strict schedule, and stay ready to change it as and when required to get the best results!

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