9 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Body

9 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Body

Nutrition is all about the dietary choices and it’s the biggest relevance towards a healthy lifestyle and the diseased one as well. Excess of everything is bad but some immoderations insert such havocs on our health that are unable to be reversed then. Sugar is such a common thing to use in our daily life and different researchers quote its excessive use of a slow poisoning thing.

Certain anomalies occur because of sugar consumption, some are acute and some manifest over many years, that are more hazardous.

Dietary sugar affects different parts of the body in a different way as per the immunity of the person and the reaction towards severity.

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This article enlightens those perspectives that are derived from the old guidance but based on deep studies and knowledge.

1. Sugar causes tooth decay

Sugar is detected by the taste buds and they immediately send the signal to the brain for the coverage of a full-body response. Sugar attracts the bacteria that are harmful to the body and that destroys the enamel of teeth. If this plaque is not brushed away, then there are possibilities of the formation of cavities in the mouth. These harmful bacteria produce acid by consuming this sugar and tooth enamel starts decaying over the period.

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2. Sugar is ruining your fertility

Added sugar effects are not only limited to women but are equally affecting men’s reproduction functions as well. Under a study, it was enlightened that the production of insulin in the body affect the eggs in the same way as the ovarian hormones play their part in their maturation.

When we intake a lot of highly refined sugar and soda, it turns off the gene that is helpful and essential for the activation of the levels of reproductive hormones like estrogen and testosterone in our body. In males, it can impair sperm production while in women it causes problems like PCOS.

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